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About the Fan-Attic Ventilation System: Winter Operation


Attic ventilation systems are required year round.  Most people associate attic ventilation with heat; however, of the two major forces at work in your attic, moisture, not heat, is by far the most destructive.  Since winter air is drier, it absorbs moisture from you home and you too, with the attic space being even more susceptible to excessive moisture in the winter.  When air is trapped inside the attic – it will always be warmer than the air outside.  The roof sheathing/decking will be colder in winter months, therefore creating even more condensation.  It can literally “rain” in your attic producing mildew, or rotting conditions damaging wood member, sheathing/decking and destroying shingles.  It can also drip down to the ceiling below to damage sheetrock, plaster, or paint.  Insulation will become wet and provide less resistance to heat loss – in effect, losing its R-value.  A properly ventilated attic will circulate the air, therefore not allowing moisture to form.


Houses are built much tighter today than they were 20 to 30 years ago.  Windows are more efficient, the R-value of insulation and other building materials has increased, so overall, the homes are a lot more weather-tight.  In doing this, we trap the moisture in the home, moisture generated by many different things: 

  • The normal perspiration and breathing of a family of four, adds about ½ a pint of water to the air every hour. 
  • Cooking three meals a day adds four to five pints of water to the air. 
  • Each shower contributes ½ a pint; in fact every activity that uses water (like dishwashers, mopping floors and doing laundry) adds moisture to the air. 

Experts say that the daily living activities of a family of four can add more than 18 gallons of water a week into the air of the home.  Air moisture will flow towards drier air to equalize itself.  This equalization process actually forces the indoor moisture through the ceiling and insulation into the attic.

The Fan-Attic Solar Powered Roof Ventilator when used in conjunction with existing static vents can eliminate the destructive properties associated with attic moisture in the winter by keeping the air circulating.  Meanwhile in the hotter summer months, it helps keep the temperature in your attic lower, making your home’s interior a much more comfortable environment to be in and doesn’t cost a cent to run all day long.

Quality Workmanship. Guaranteed.
The Fan-Attic offers an excellent warranty, and is made to last for years of worry-free, silent, operation. Our whisper-quiet motor, our patented fan-blade from Revcor, one of the industry leaders in fan blade innovation, and our state of the art solar panel and redesgned flashing, cobine to give you a product that will save you money, conserve energy, and make your home a much more comfortable place to live, all year-round.



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