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The solar-powered attic fan for small spaces.



The Fan-Attic Jr. is the perfect solar ventilation system for garages, mobile homes, storage spaces or any small space that needs improved air circulation.

The Fan-Attic Jr. is the original and only Diamond-Certified solar-powered ventilator manufacturer on the market today. The Fan-Attic Jr. comes complete with a state-of-the-art photovoltaic solar solar panel that utilizes and converts sunlight more efficiently, and a powerful UL-approved motor for optimum ventilation performance all year long.

The Fan-Attic Jr. is manufactured with top-grade materials and workmanship. Its superior engineering and exceptional construction provides years of reliable and worry-free operation. The shroud and base flashing are constructed from Zincalume™, a metallic-coated steel that is lightweight, versatile, durable, and provides the highest level of corrosion protection in the industry.



  • Reduce Heat Build-up
  • Cut Energy Costs
  • Powerful proprietary motor
  • No assembly required
  • Fast & easy installation
  • Federal Tax Credit & Energy Rebates Available
  • Tilt Kit Included for Optimum Sun Exposure
  • 20-year Limited Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Here are just a few of the ways the Fan-Attic Jr. can make your small spaces
more energy-efficient (and save you money!)
Ventilates up to 400 Square Feet
Reduces Damaging Moisture Conserves Energy Installation is a Breeze!
The powerful UL®-approved motor cools your garage, shed or small space and removes potentially dangerous fumes for a comfortable & safe space all year round. Improved ventilation minimizes excess moisture, preserves the integrity of your roof and hinders the growth of dangerous mold and mildew. Our advanced solar-powered system delivers maximum airflow quickly and efficiently without the need for electricity. The Fan-Attic Jr. goes from box to roof. No assembly is required and there are no wires or electrical connections to worry about.

Fan-Attic Jr. Mechanical Specifications

Photovoltaic Module

  • Hi-powered 5-watt configuration custom engineered exclusively for the Fan-Attic Jr. solar ventilation system.
  • Framed solar module mounted to the shroud with tilt mechanism
  • 18 Q cells
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards

Output Cable

  • Two (2) 18 awg. lead wires from the junction box on the underside of the PV module are routed down the outer side through a rubber grommet to the inside of the lower section.


  • Tedlar


  • Encapsulation between hi-transmission tempered glass and the EVA "TPT-TPE" gurantees the solar module excellent durability under harsh outdoor conditions.

Shroud Cover

  • Standard Zincalume®


  • Shroud support comes from four (4) ga. cover brackets and fastened by four (4) ga. rivets.

Fan Motor/Blade Assembly

  • Proprietary motor/fan assembly
  • 12-volt custom motor
  • UL® aproved

Roof Flashing/Base

  • 18" square horizontal section of 26 ga. Zincalume alloy-coated steel


  • The bottom section of the base houses a galvanized mesh screen

Tilt Kit

  • 9" galvanized built-in bracket

Proudly made in the USA!




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